We are choosing the best footballer of 2014!


This year, once again, DRUTEX has become a partner of a plebiscite of ‘Pilka Nozna’ weekly magazine when the best players and coaches in Polish football are chosen. The great festival of Polish football when the plebiscite winners will be announced, will traditionally take place at the Hilton in Warsaw on 7 Feb.

The history of the plebiscite organised by ‘Pilka Nozna’ weekly dates 40 years back, and the first award ceremony, in camera flashes and the spotlight, took place more than two decades ago. DRUTEX, as the perennial football patron both locally and globally, for the third time has been actively involved in the organization of the event when the best players and coaches are awarded the ‘Pilka Nozna’ statuettes which are the Polish equivalents of the French ‘Golden Ball’. The company, as the main sponsor of the event,  confirms its passion for football and the support for Polish football..

„It is sheer pleasure to participate in a project which constitutes the biggest event of the year for Polish football. The importance and special character of the event is confirmed by the mere fact that the gala hosts the most prominent representatives of Polish football, key players, coaches and activists. DRUTEX has practically forever been involved in football. Year 2014 was particularly important for us, since we enhanced our commitment with activities in foreign markets, and we invited to our team the world-class footballers: Philipp Lahm, Andrea Pirlo and Jakub Błaszczykowski. We have always supported the best ones. Just like this time. This is why we keep our fingers crossed for all the nominees and we congratulate on the success” – says Adam Leik, the marketing director at DRUTEX S.A.

During the Gala the awards will be given in seven contest categories, meaning the ones where the jury selected the final three (apart from the longest-running ones – the Footballer of the Year, the Coach of the Year and the Discovery of the Year, as well as the Team of the Year, the Leaguer of the Year, the Foreigner of the Year, and the First League Player of the Year). The information regarding the Man of the Year will be also solemnly announced. This award, non-play off, is given only when a personality appears in Polish football representing a completely new phenomenon, trend and quality. 

The gala will be broadcast by Polsat Sport TV on 7 February this year .

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