Drutex Pioneering Investment


The European Woodwork Centre in Bytów has been enriched with a modern glass and laminate cutting table. The device is already working and is the first such machine in Poland. A modern machinery park is one of the company's hallmarks. 

Drutex has one of the most modern machinery parks amongst carpentry manufacturers in Europe. The glass and laminate cutting table of the renowned Lisec company is equipped with innovative solutions allowing an increased production capacity and optimisation of the production process. 

“The purchase of the machine and its rapid start-up is another proof of the implementation by Drutex SA of the industry 4.0 strategy based on the automation and robotisation of production. The company's trademark has been a successful marriage of technology and human capital for over three decades. Modern equipment combined with highly qualified staff resulted in the creation of many products that, over the years, have gained the recognition of experts and caught the interest of customers around the world. The innovative technological basis is the cornerstone of our dynamic development, which is why every year we invest millions of zlotys in automated production lines, research and development which translates into our market successes.” Leszek Gierszewski, President of Drutex SA. 

“Drutex has for many years been using the utmost in modern machines and devices which have been produced by our company. As a result of this, the company can not only optimise production and introduce innovative solutions but, above all, can offer products of the highest quality. The purchase and commissioning of a glass and laminate cutting table is proof that even in a difficult, pandemic-dominated COVID-19 time, Drutex is in great condition and is constantly developing its potential and significantly expanding production capacity.” Karol Mielnik, Board Member, Lisec Polska. 

Last year, the Bytów company allocated over 130 million zlotys for investments. A production hall with an area of 14,000 square metres was created, in which one of the most modern paint shops in Europe will be launched. In 2019, Drutex also launched a modern, automated injection moulding department, fitted out with advanced equipment and industrial robots. 

Investments were reflected in record results. In 2019, Drutex's sales revenues reached PLN 980 million, and net profit was PLN 98 million. There were increases of 7 and 15 percent respectively, compared to the same period of 2018.

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