Drutex breaks sales record


October  was a record month for Drutex in the company history when it comes to sales volume. The leading producer of window and door woodwork in Europe last month recorded over 100 million income. This year has been very successful for the company, and it closes the first three quarters with ca. 10% sales increase.

- Our sales are better and better each month. It is the first time in history we have recorded turnover exceeding 100 million PLN in one month. The result is also 10% better than in October last year which was the record month for the company. Income and financial results confirm that Drutex is at its best. We are developing in the right direction, we are investing in production capacity, technological facilities, new production departments, we are well organized and efficient like never before, which brings about better and better results and higher efficiency of operations. We have great, motivated and committed people who enable us to achieve perfect results that one year ago seemed unrealistic. Only last year we thought we were at the limits of production capacity. This year area under the roof  hasn’t increased. However, we have been able to execute more and faster, strengthening our position on the international woodwork market - said Leszek Gierszewski, the founder and president of  Drutex S.A.

The stable position of the company, strong foundation and coherent operations strategy are the base for dynamic development. In this year Forbes ranking, Drutex took 46th position among 100 biggest private companies in Poland, which is an extraordinary achievement. Drutex  is an enterprise built 100% on Polish capital, with a factory in Poland, technology based on Polish engineering solutions, which determines its success in Poland and abroad. What is important, the company does not rest on laurels and it executes ambitious investments. Only this year it has invested over 70 million PLN in innovative machines, equipment and technological solutions. Drutex has launched its own department of injection moulding machines which consists of Engel machines and top-class industrial  robots that ensure high quality, better level of production and they are another step towards the strategy of industry 4.0. based on automation and robotization of production. At the same time the company develops chemicals and extrusion for its own production of PVC window and door woodwork.    

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