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News 2013

2013/01/07   |   DRUTEX launches the new energy-effiecient window - IGLO ENERGY

DRUTEX has just launched the brand new window - IGLO ENERGY, which sets completely new standards in terms of energy efficiency on the global woodwork market.

DRUTEX as a partner of “Leader in Property Management” gala

On Monday, 7 April 2014, a ceremonial gala of the I edition of All-Poland Program of Economic Promotion “Leader in Property Management” took place in Sabat Theatre in Warsaw. DRUTEX was the main partner of the gala, and in collaboration with the organizer, Fakty The Economic Magazine, awarded the exemplary property managers in Poland.


DRUTEX as a flagship of the perfect polish-german cooperation

During this year press conference concering the state of the Polish-German economic relations, the Trade and Investmnet Promotion Section in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Berlin, presented DRUTEX as a company which achieves significant export success on the German export market and is an example of an enterprise, whose dynamic development in German is the confirmation of the perfect Polish-German cooperation.


Andrea Pirlo and Philipp Lahm play with DRUTEX

DRUTEX entered into a yearly agreement with two world-class players, Philipp Lahm and Andrea Pirlo. As a result, the football champions will promote DRUTEX brand and its products. They will also support company’s philosophy based on individual approach towards customers.


DRUTEX as a parter of an innovative “BARGEWORK - AN OFFICE ON WATER” project

Innovation is a flywheel of every development, both in terms of products, services, business entities and word economies. The more modern a product, the more successful it is. This is the purpose of the concept of the office on water and annouing a contect for its architectural projects.


DRUTEX windows with the newest Renolit Exofol PX films

DRUTEX introduced a new generation Renolit Exofol PX film to its offer. The foil is exceptional in terms of better resistance to weather conditions and improved durability, when compared to the known solutions. Simultaneously, DRUTEX is the first woodwork manufacturer in Poland and one of the first in Europe, which applies the modern external film to its products.

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