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2013/01/07   |   DRUTEX launches the new energy-effiecient window - IGLO ENERGY

DRUTEX has just launched the brand new window - IGLO ENERGY, which sets completely new standards in terms of energy efficiency on the global woodwork market.
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Cutting-edge Lisec machines in DRUTEX factory

European Woodwork Centre, under construction in Bytow, has already been equipped with modern machines and tools for woodwork and composite windows production.


Congratulations to the newly crowned World Champion – Philipp Lahm

In March 2014 DRUTEX has begun the cooperation with Philipp Lahm, the captain, who led the German national team to win the fourth world’s championship in the history! In addition to Philipp Lahm, who is the capitan od German National Team and the capitan of Bayern Munich, DRUTEX has also appointed the other brand ambassadors – Italian Juventus player Andrea Pirlo and the player of Borussia Dortmund Jakub Błaszczykowski.


Norwegian certificate for IGLO windows!

Norwegian institute granted a very prestigious certificate NDVK (Norwegian Door-And Window Control) for DRUTEX’ windows in the systems: IGLO 5, IGLO5 Classic, IGLO Energy and IGLO Energy Classic. The certficate confirms that DRUTEX’ windows are in line with Norwegian standards in terms of high quality products.


DRUTEX as a partner of Mini Mundial by Kuba Blaszczykowski

On 2nd-3rd of July in Opole city there will be organized a special street football tournament for the children aged 13 or younger. The tournament will take place on a specially prepared pitches next to the Entertainment Centre Kubatura. DRUTEX is the main partner of the event!


DRUTEX wprowadza nowe, inteligentne szyby SGG PLANITHERM® XN

DRUTEX, wprowadził do swojej oferty okien energooszczędnych IGLO inteligentne pakiety szybowe SGG PLANITHERM® XN renomowanej firmy SAINT-GOBAIN.

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