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The company has been operating on the Polish market since 1985. In the first period of the its activity DRUTEX was operating under the name Production-Service-Trade Company(P.P.H.U. DRUTEX) as an economic activity of a private person –Mr. Leszek Gierszewski and was active solely in the metal branch. Initially the company manufactured fence nets and since 1987 also wire and wire products.

In 1994 DRUTEX launched its first production line for PVC windows woodwork and half-automatic production line for composite glass. In 1999 the company implemented the production line for aluminium woodwork. In the period of 2000-2002 the company invested in development of the production capacity and launched several new woodwork production lines, lines for glass cutting as well as automatic production lines for composite glass. In 2002 DRUTEX introduced the production of wooden windows and doors.  Since 1st of July 2003 the company converted its legal form into joint-stock company and since then has been operating under the name DRUTEX Joint Stock Company (DRUTEX Spółka Akcyjna)

Currently DRUTEX is a leading manufacturer of PVC windows in Europe. In its offer the company has also windows, doors and facades made of aluminium and wood. DRUTEX is a modern company, which implements the most up-to-date  solutions in its production.
In 2007 DRUTEX implemented the production of its own PVC profiles- GL System and thanks to the enthusiasm and involvement of professional team the company keeps investing in its modern profiles.

In October 2014 DRUTEX completed the construction of the first stage of the European Centre for Woodwork. Whole construction process lasted only 20 months. The new production hall totaling over 28,500 sq m is a milestone in company's history and allows DRUTEX to double its capacity and extend its product range. The construction of the second phase of the EWC, i.e. another 30,000 sq m begins in 1H 2014. DRUTEX’ growth dynamics and its courage in terms of the implementation of multi-million investments confirms company’s leading position on the global windows and doors market. Moreover, new production halls enable company to extend its distribution network, which already consists of business partners around the world, i.e. - Europe, the US, Mexico, Australia and the Middle East.

The company aims to invest in continuous improvement of its products and services. DRUTEX offers also the shortest time of the orders’ execution as well as fastest delivery of the products all over the world. 

Our aim is to exceed the expectations of our customers. 

Currently DRUTEX is a leading manufacturer of PVC windows in Europe

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Lift and slide system IGLO-HS

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DRUTEX awarded with the title Market Leader 2015
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