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The European Medal for DRUTEX

For the 5th time DRUTEX S.A. has been awarded the European Medal in the prestigious contest organized by the Business Centre Club with the support of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and under the honorary patronage of the European Economic and social Committee based in Brussels. This year award has been given to the company for the innovative Iglo-HS patio doors in PVC system.

The European Medal, awarded for 16 years, is a recommendation given to the prize-winning products by prestigious Polish and European institutions. It is a national, non-commercial enterprise that aims at promoting Polish products on European market.

The European Medal is given to products and services that correspond to European standards. They have to fulfill norms required by the law and, have the proper licenses and patents. The company dynamics, won prizes and obtained certificates also play a vital role in the assessment.

Iglo-HS doors that have been awarded the European Medal, constitute an innovative solution that taps into current global trends in architecture. The system is manufactured basing on own technology of DRUTEX lift and slide profiles, and it is a perfect solution for the trendy large-size terrace and balcony glazing. It enables to build big glazing that ensures perfect access to daylight and facilitates the interior design, maintaining the stability, functionality and  lightness of the structure.

 „The European Medal given to our modern patio door system is a perfect confirmation of  high quality of the solution that we have devised. It is  great prestige and honor. We are happy to have received this award, especially that it is one of our latest products which is already very popular with our Clients both in Poland and abroad ” – says Adam Leik, marketing director at DRUTEX.

The European Medal has been given to entrepreneurs all over Poland, representing all industries. The award gala took place in the Reduta Rooms at the Grand Theater – National Opera in Warsaw on June 8 this year. 


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