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DRUTEX – the winner of the Golden Construction Brand 2016

DRUTEX brand is the winner of the Golden Construction Brand 2016 title in category of construction materials for façade windows. It is one of the most important awards in the industry given basing on Construction Brands Ranking.

The Construction Brand 2016 awards ceremony took place in Michałowice near Warsaw at the Venecia Palace hotel. It is another prestigious industry award for DRUTEX. What makes the prize even more valuable is the fact that it is given to brands that enjoy the biggest trust among consumers basing on a national opinion and preference survey of construction companies. The research and ranking is conducted by ASM – Market Research and Analysis Center, that also runs the gala. 

- The Construction Brand of the Year is one of the biggest events in the Polish construction sector.- says Adam Leik, Marketing Director at DRUTEX. – It is a precious award since it is given by  experts, people who work with brands in construction sector on everyday basis. They know them, they have considerable experience, therefore they choose products that have proved themselves for years.  Thus, it is not a coincidence. The award confirms our leadership in our market segment and it reflects the respect that our brand has among clients and professionals in the industry.”

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