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DRUTEX – the partner of the Summer Kuba Cup run by Jakub Błaszczykowski

24 teams, consisting of 144 children altogether, took part in another edition of a football tournament for the youngest called the Summer Kuba Cup run by Kuba Błaszczykowski. In total, 814 goals were scored. The event was held between 27 and 28 June this year in Kubatura Center in Opole.

The term of this year tournament coincided with Football Euro Cup in France, where the Polish team, headed by Kuba Błaszczykowski, is achieving record results. Therefore, the teams that participate in the Opole tournament were divided into 6 groups. There were assigned the names of the countries taking part in the Cup (Interestingly, in two out of six groups the final ranking was the same as the tournament). In the final, Sweden won, and the Polish teams took the second place… Will our team rank like this in France?

- Already for the third time in a row, that is since the first edition, we have been a partner of this great event run by Kuba Błaszczykowski, who is also DRUTEX brand ambassador. We are happy that our cooperation expands to other areas, especially those dedicated to the youngest. We believe that they will be successors of the Polish national team players ­– said Adam Leik, marketing director at DRUTEX S.A.


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