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DRUTEX S.A. the Ambassador of the Polish Economy!

DRUTEX has won the 8th edition of the Ambassador of the Polish Economy title in the ‘Global Company’ category. The contest is organized by the Business Centre Club under patronage of the European Social and Economic Committee in Brussels.

The award ceremony took place on 28 September at the BCC headquarters in Warsaw.  


The Ambassador of the Polish Economy is a national contest that aims to award and promote entrepreneurs who  are successful on international markets, and to promote high economic and financial standards as well as good business practice. Winners are appreciated for promoting Poland in the international arena as a reliable business partner, for enhancing a positive image of the Polish entrepreneur, for contributing to the economic development of the country and for building confidence towards Poland and the Poles.


The award in the ‘Global Company’ category is given to companies that conduct investments in European markets and on other continents, which turns them into global players.



DRUTEX is a family company with 100% domestic capital. We have been implementing new projects in international area for years, proving that we are experts in innovative and technologically advanced solutions for windows and doors. I am proud to have managed to build a company that is valued for high quality of the products, professionalism, for credibility and business reliability both in Poland and abroad. I am convinced that by promoting the Polish technical thought and the creativity of Polish solutions, we are building a foundation of trust in Polish window and door industry, and that we are creating a positive image of Poland and the Poles in the world -   says Leszek Gierszewski, the president of DRUTEX S.A.

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