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DRUTEX products at the Nordbygg exhibition in Sweden!

Between 5 and 8 April this year takes place the most important construction industry trade fair in Northern Europe. DRUTEX, for years successfully selling its woodwork at the Scandinavian market, could not miss the Nordbygg Swedish exhibition, where the biggest European producers in construction industry showcase their products.  

The Nordbygg exhibition takes place biannually on the premises of the International Stockholm Trade Fair and it attracts the attention of hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors.  Just last year more than 60 thousand guests and 900 exhibitors were present, and the woodwork industry constitutes one of the biggest sectors of the Swedish exhibition.

During this year exhibition, DRUTEX has presented its offer dedicated to the Swedish and Norwegian markets at the 200-meter stand. The most important products include: more than 6.5 meter Iglo-HS lift and slide door system that is very popular with Scandinavian clients, as well as Duoline the aluminum and wooden system, and PVC systems. Apart from Iglo 5 and Iglo Energy windows, the company has showcased its new Iglo Light solution that stands out for the narrow and slender profiles which guarantee a lot of daylight.  This novelty in DRUTEX offer is a perfect product for the Scandinavian market.

 „Swedish market is one of the most important export markets for DRUTEX and it is still growing dynamically. Clients from Sweden and Norway appreciate high quality of our solutions and they value our professionalism and efficiency. Although it is our first time at the Nordbygg exhibition, we will definitely increase our investment in brand recognition on Swedish and Norwegian markets. Especially that the trade fair is a great platform to establish dialogue with Clients and to strengthen relations with trade partners’’ – says Adam Leik, marketing director at DRUTEX S.A.  



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