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DRUTEX has devised its own system of aluminum roller shutters

DRUTEX has presented its offer of own aluminum roller shutters at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE international trade fair. The new systems of in-house produced adaptation roller shutters are available in  137, 165 and 180 mm dimensions.


The company offers a choice of three types of boxes: SK 45 (roller shutter of 45 degrees), half-round SP (recessed roller shutter) and round SKO (oval roller shutter). Roller shutters are made entirely of aluminum, available in selected colors from RAL color range and woodgrain. The armor is made of aluminum profiles, filled with polyurethane foam. All the systems in the offer are in 100% - from the box to the slats –  designed and produced  by  Drutex in order to satisfy the company demands both in quality and production efficiency.


„We continuously seek to modernize the quality and offer of our products. We focus on independence and full control of all the production process. Devising the offer of own aluminum roller shutters is another step towards our development, enabling us to offer our Clients products that will fully satisfy their needs as well as market expectations. We are one of very few woodwork producers who make roller shutters in-house from A to Z. As a result, we control their quality in 100%. We will soon present our own system of PVC external roller shutters. ” - says Bogdan Gierszewski, production director at DRUTEX.

Adaptation roller shutters from Drutex are also available with the integrated mosquito net. There is an option to connect with the alarm system, which enables intelligent home control. Apart from the classic manual control, Drutex offers steering systems with a key or a switch. The most comfortable and cutting-edge option in our offer consists in incorporating RTS steering system that allows to open and close the roller shutter with a remote control, a smartphone or a tablet. 


You will be able to see the novelties in roller shutters systems and in window and door woodwork at the Fensterbau Frontale exhibition at 7-337 stand starting on 19 March 2016.  


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