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2011/12/15 | Drutex begins the construction of the European Centre for Woodwork

DRUTEX S.A. plans to begin the construction of the European Centre for windows and doors based in Bytow in 2012.

2011/12/15 | Michał Szpak signs carols for the first time for public

A special surprise for the journalists - nationwide and branch media - was prepared by DRUTEX on 14-15th of December. DRUTEX organized an event: "pre-Christmas meeting at the European Centre for Woodwork," whose special guests were: Michal Szpak, Robert Sowa and Maciej Pol.

2011/12/11 | DRUTEX has been awarded with the TOP BUILDER

The windows IGLO 5 and IGLO 5 Classic - have been awarded with the prestigious distinction Top Builder 2012 as the best and most innovative products in 2011.

2011/11/24 | DRUTEX has been again awarded with a European Medal

DRUTEX has been awarded with the European Medal in the XXII edition of the contest organized by the Business Centre Club with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and under the patronage of the European Economic and Social Committee based in Brussels.

2011/11/23 | DRUTEX once again sponsors the Gala Golden Ducks 2011

The tradition of awarding with the statuette "Golden Duck" the best film-makers has already 55 years. This time the organizers decided to highlight the best films about love.

2011/11/14 | The research conducted by the Building Research Institute confirms the excellent results of Drutex windows

THE MOST EXPENSIVE DOES NOT MEAN THE BEST-the results of the study confirm that the most expensive windows on the market reached just a very average results.

2011/11/06 | DRUTEX played in the Big Football Match Politicians vs TVN Stars

The next football match Politicians vs TVN Stars is already behind us! It was a unique sporting spectacle, organized for a good reason by the TVN Foundation "You are not alone." Both teams gave their all - meeting proceeded in a great atmosphere and ended with a 2-1 result for the team of TVN.
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