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Better living

Long, autumn evenings encourage us to undertake home activities. How to create a good atmosphere in the flat?

What is a good atmosphere? Literally it is an optimal combination of parameters for the man, connected with the temperature, sunlight, humidity and air circulation, which makes us feel good in a particular place. Where can we find it? Herodotus claimed it was Turkey, modern climatologists indicate the Canary Islands as the place with the best climate.

Good climate and atmosphere can be created in our own flat. Just like in meteorology, the factors which we need to consider are: the temperature, humidity and air circulation. First of all – a bit of data: the optimum temperature indoors is 18-21 degrees Celsius, and the best humidity level is between 45 and 55%. With higher humidity we risk mould and fungus, whereas lower humidity makes the air too dry. Ventilation is responsible for creating the perfect micro-climate in our flat. It depends mostly in the quality of windows – their tightness and the capacity for ventilation. Untight windows will chill our flat and incur high heating bills. Too tight windows will lead to fungal attack of the walls.

DRUTEX S.A. has introduced a modern system of window ventilation in order to ensure the proper air circulation in various kinds of rooms. The company equips the windows with micro-ventilation in the stay. Such a fitting system, enabling air circulation through a gap between the frame and the sash, decreased the probability of steam condensation and improves the humidity in the flat. DRUTEX also offers ventilators which guarantee the right air exchange in the flat. DRUTEX offers the opportunity to choose between higro-controlled ventilators, controlled automatically, pressure and manually-controlled ventilators.

A good atmosphere in the flat is not only the matter of temperature and humidity parameters, but also the harmony of the interiors. The colour scheme also affects out well-being, as well as the sunlight exposure of the flat, the layout, and the shape and colours of windows. It is worth taking advantage of DRUTEX offer, where the cutting-edge IGLO windows are available in a number of shapes and a wide range of colours. The offer of 29 colours allows to match the window to any interior and facade, what is more, you can apply different colours inside and outside in one window. However, the frame and wing colour is not all. The company has introduced a new colour of the sealing. The graphite sealing in IGLO windows matches perfectly the trendy woodwork in shades of grey! - The wide range of woodwork colours in our offer enables to arrange the interiors individually and design the rooms according to your own taste and preferences. Nowadays, consumer behaviour confirms that white colour is not the necessity, and Clients more and more often choose woodwork in woodgrain colours, blue, green, and even red – points out Rafał Gierszewski, Sales Director at DRUTEX S.A.

As we can see, there are many ways to create a good atmosphere in the house. It is worth considering them especially now – when the climate outside is far from perfect and the sunrays are becoming few and far between.