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Which window should I choose?

PVC, wood or aluminium window is the best for me? When facing this problem it is always difficult to meet an optimal decision.

All three types of woodwork are nearly the same when it comes to its usage. They do have similar coefficient of heat transmission, the same functional capabilities, each type of the window is equipped in virtually the same type of ferrules  as well as window pane package. An ultimate decision is merely dependant on the customer’s taste and individual preferences.

Wooden windows - durable, have good parameters of thermal insulation. Softline profiles do not show any inconstancy of the dimensions, mainly because  wood does not heat up  in sunny days. They make each house look exceptional. Wooden windows however do need to be renovated after some period of time. It is recommended to renovate wooden windows every 5 years.

PVC windows - less stylish than wooden windows, but despite this fact they are still very popular among our customers, which is a result of good price and simplicity of its preservation as well as of non-problematic usage. They only need simple cleaning.Frames are resistant to corrosion, moulds.  PVC products can also be bought together with wood-like veneer. Applied profiles show advantages of a modern building material, which looks natural and decorative. Those windows are very durable and resistant to rays  and atmospheric conditions. They are easy to clean.

Aluminium windows - stylish and long-lasting at the same time. Aluminium profile is used in big constructions and therefore aluminium windows and doors are not popular in one-family houses, but it are used in constructions of public utility. Aluminium windows and doors are manufactured on an individual order and do represent quite high price. Aluminium profiles show high thermal insulation. Doors and windows made of aluminium are stable, aesthetic, resistant to atmospheric conditions and do not need lot of maintenance. Aluminium is applied not only in simple elements but also in complicated glazed constructions, facades of offices and winter gardens.