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Cold days are coming – it's time to think about windows!

Weather forecasts are less and less optimistic, and it seems that we will not be able to avoid cold evenings and chilly mornings. What can we do find a way out of the chill? Do not despair! If you are a 'nesh' and cringe at the thought of low temperatures and cold climate, make sure you protect yourself against a severe winter. Check how to make your house a nest of heat and peace.

Winter vs. heating costs

Low temperatures in winter and the growing heating costs increase the interest in the energy-efficient house. A sudden attack of winter, or freezing nights, do not only lead to a transport gridlock, but also affect our house maintenance bills. One of the biggest components of the bills is the cost of energy and heating. Harsh frosts may result in high heating costs – heating an average house of 150 square metres may reach a few dozen zloty a day. What is more, since we continuously observe increasing prices of gas or coal, energy efficiency is becoming very trendy.



Air-tight windows is the basis

Freezing temperatures, heavy rainfall and snowfall, and wind are a serious problem when our house or flat is not airtight. The most challenging task in heating is faced by the owners of end residences as well as ground floor and last floor inhabitants. As a result of the building poor insulation, there is a loss of tens of percent of energy. What protects us best against heat loss is air-tight windows and doors. Thanks to them, we will not only increase the temperature in our house, but also save a lot of money on heating. Therefore, an investment in energy-efficient windows is so important. Energy efficiency criteria are defined by the window thermal parameters, especially thermal co-efficiency. The lower the Uw coefficient, the lower heat loss. We cannot forget that UW coefficient is the resultant of a number of factors, such as glass and frame heat transfer, as well as, i.a. the glass, frame and whole window surface area . It is important to check with the seller the tests and certificates which confirm the parameters declared by the producer.



Invest in IGLO

IGLO Energy windows by DRUTEX S.A., whose heat transfer coefficient equals only 0,6 W/(m2K)*, are an example of perfect thermal insulation. It is a modern system equipped with a cutting-edge, first in Europe** sealing system made of foam EPDM. This means that the window has the heat transfer of more than 100% above Polish technical standards! Such a low parameter makes the system a perfect solution for passive and energy-efficient buildings.


Bearing in mind energy efficiency, high quality, as well as safety and functionality, DRUTEX has created IGLO windows. The woodwork produced with the modern GL profiles made exclusively of prime material, is notable for the increased insulation parameters.

We have also devised and implemented a new generation of glass pane with low-emission coating which guarantee the highest standards regarding energy efficiency. All this allows us to satisfy the expectations of everybody who wants to reduce energy use at home.”- says Bogdan Gierszewski, Production Director in DRUTEX S.A.




Flat ventilation in freezing temperature? It is possible!

The perfect temperature in a room where we are staying should be about 21 degrees, when we are sleeping it should not be more than 18 degrees. It will help us to sleep better and to wake up well-rested. Therefore, the investment in energy-efficient woodwork is so important. Surely, one should not exaggerate when increasing the temperature at home since too hot air affects our health. To ensure ideal conditions we should also have continuous access to fresh air. When we open windows, especially during frosts, it cools down the room excessively and causes unpleasant draughts. Modern windows are equipped with proper ventilators which ensure the right room ventilation.


The modern ventilators guarantee the proper flat ventilation. DRUTEX has introduced the modernised system of window ventilation in order to ensure the right air circulation in all types of rooms. The ventilators adjust to the air humidity and temperature in the room – as well as to external factors, such as wind force, reacting to any changes, and therefore guarantying proper air exchange. DRUTEX offers the choice between higro-controlled  ventilators, controlled automatically, pressure  and manually-controlled ventilators. What is more, DRUTEX windows are equipped with ventilation in the handle. In such case, the window sash may be completely closed, open or minimally tilted. The air should flow between the frame and the sash”- adds Bogdan Gierszewski from DRUTEX S.A.


The colour and design as a reflection of modernity

Technologically advanced IGLO windows are also available in various shapes and colours. They set standards on world woodwork market. DRUTEX offers 29 various window and door colours, which helps to suit the client's preferences. The frame and wing colour is not all. This year, the company has introduced, in order to satisfy clients' demands, a new colour of the sealing. The graphite sealing in IGLO windows matches perfectly the trendy woodwork in shades of grey!

Winter always arrives unexpectedly. In order to ensure comfort and be ready for a frost attack in your own house, it is important to be on the safe side and provide for a warm house. It turns out that the secret lies in windows, this is why it is worth making an informed decision.


*for a window of 1230 mm x1480 mm according to tests by CSI in the Czech Republic

**patent application