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How to choose an energy-saving window?

Modern technology used in windows and doors provides customers with multiple products and solutions that enable them to save energy. The priority are high quality windows which guarantee exceptional warm comfort at home and thereby affecting a reduction in heating costs.

The essence is the use of energy saving windows. Thermal insulation properties and coefficient, which determines the thermal transmittance, build the criterion of the energy efficiency of the windows. The lower rate of thermal insulation coefficient Uw, the less heat escapes from the house. It must be remembered that the coefficient Uw is the result of several factors, such as heat transfer coefficient of glass and frame, and the surface area of the galss, frame and the entire window. Customers are often misled, however, because the heat transfer coefficient for glass is often given as Uw for the whole window. It is important to ask the seller before you buy to provide you with the tests and certificates which confirm the parameters declared by the manufacturer. Please note that an investment in the windows, which show low coefficient of thermal insulation is an investment in the future.

DRUTEX, going up against the demands of customers in the field of modern and energy-efficient windows, surrendered their windows IGLO 5 and IGLO 5 Classic independent study of thermal insulation in a research institute in the Czech Republic.


Thermal insulation coefficients of the examined windows confirmed, that in relation to the calculation method according to PN-EN ISO 10077-2, these values are improved by 27 percent. Above-average value of thermal windows provide energy savings, lower heating bills and timeless comfort, while providing a response to contemporary challenges of ecology.