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Gloomy and grey – that was the past

Housing estates are gaining popularity  

Block housing, dirty yard and ugly facade – blocks of flats and housing estates often have bad reputation. However, such an image is a thing of the past and it should be  discarded. Today it has been replaced by spacious, well-tended parks and pleasant facades. Housing estates constitute a promising solution for the future – especially for young families: vast green areas encourage children to play and the parents – to rest. Colorful flowers and beautiful trees spiff up the surroundings and they provide a pleasant touch of color. High facades reduce the rumble of traffic and external noise, ensuring nice and peaceful atmosphere.

Uniform house facades in the color of pale yellow stone are eye-friendly. This beautiful view is completed with windows and balcony doors in matching colors. Designers and developers were able to show off their talents and imagination. ‘Big windows with narrow profiles allow to enlarge the glazing surface and ensure a lot of daylight in the cozy home, and they guarantee high level of safety and functionality. The great parameters of the windows for thermal insulation guarantee high energy efficiency and help to save on heating costs.” – explains Mirosław Furtan, quality director at Drutex.

A coherent design concept helps to create beautiful surrounding free of sense of oppression or discomfort. Thanks to the cobble-stoned light surface and lawns full of colorful flowers a friendly environment is created where everyone would like to live.   

Elegant and friendly – the innovatively designed residential complex encourages to  rest and guarantees comfort.

Colorful flowerbeds and spacious lawns give a touch of color and create a friendly living space that will appeal especially to young families. 

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