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Hush, hush

Persistent noise is one of the nuisances of living in a city. Instead of moving to the country, it is better to replace the windows for soundproof ones.

More than 40% of city dwellers and 25% of inhabitants of towns are exposed to excessive noise, according to the Ministry of Environment data. The solution to this serious problem is sought by urban planners, architects, as well as window woodwork producers. The acceptable noise level in urban areas of cities of above 100 000 inhabitants has been determined at the 55 decibel level during the day, and 45 decibel at night. The parameters of acceptable noise level inside buildings, determined by the Decree of the Infrastructure Minister, are slightly lower - 40 decibel during the day and 30 at night (with the windows closed). Noise at 65 dB level is considered harmful for health.


We may protect ourselves against the negative effects of noise. One of the ways is the choice of proper windows. Their sound insulation is measured by Rw factor, declared in decibels (dB). The higher the Rw, the more noise will penetrate into the house. E.g. if the sound level outside the building is 55 dB, and the window has 30 dB Rw factor, inside the building we will hear sound level of 25 dB. It is god to know that when reducing the sound volume by 10 dB, it is perceived by our ear as halved sound level. Normally it is assumed that windows have the sound insulation at the 30 dB level. However, there are producers who offer woodwork at much higher Rw factor level. One example is the new DRUTEX window – IGLO Energy which offers sound insulation at Rw= 32-35 dB level, which is the perfect solution for buildings located in areas of heavy traffic.

For woodwork users it is important to know how the window reduces particular types of noise. This information is defined by so called adjustment factors, marked by C and Ctr symbols. The C symbol defines how the ability to reduce noise decreases e.g. in expressways and air traffic areas. The Ctr symbol describes noise reduction in the case of low-pitched tones, typical for traffic in the city. When buying windows these are the aspects that need to be considered. Acoustic insulation of a window depends on a number of factors, above all, the kind of raw material, the size, the frame structure, the kind of glazing and sealing. Thus, sound proof windows are usually equipped with sound-absorbing glass, meaning glass packages characterised by higher thickness than regular composite glass, where the glass pane of float type has different thickness – even up to 6-10 mm. At the same time the composite glass has more space between the particular glass panes filled with noble gas.

The proper tightness, and consequently, the proper sound insulation of windows, is ensured by the right sealing. The seals should be made of material which is resistant to the adverse weather conditions, e.g. EPDM seals of synthetic rubber. For example DRUTEX,  in the new IGLO Energy system, world-first, has introduced the innovative sealing system made of foam EPDM*. Owing to the perfect sealing properties it also ensures the optimal sound-insulation. High quality window fittings, which ensure even pressing of the sash against the frame, are also necessary.


„DRUTEX uses for the woodwork the fittings by a renowned company – MACO. The complete MACO Multi Matic KS fittings which we use are a synonym of top-quality and they guarantee not only safety, but also sound insulation because their functionality ensures the perfect ferrule adherence on the whole window perimeter while closing – explains Artur Kurniewicz, DRUTEX S.A. technologist.

Ideally, high acoustic parameters of the window will be combined with its insulation and thermal properties. Such a comprehensive protection of our house is provided by DRUTEX S.A. windows, the leader in production of top-quality window and door woodwork. Owing to the perfect quality of GL System profiles and sound-absorbing glass packages, DRUTEX, as a standard, offers the perfect level of acoustic insulation.


Excessive noise often keeps us awake at night. It causes headaches, concentration problems, discomfort. It is worth considering sound-proof woodwork, which will solve such problems. It is worth investing in high-quality windows with the proper level of sound insulation.

*patent application