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Boldness in colors – introducing accents in your own four walls.

Nowadays, especially in the suburbs and in new buildings, taking off is the trend to standardize houses when it comes to their shapes or general form. For those who would like to stand out in the crowd there is a very easy way to do it. You can achieve it for example by applying characteristic windows and doors. The market offers a wide range of models, shapes and colors of door and window woodwork, which allows to customize the interior and match it to the style of the building façade. 

In the detached house in the picture, dark green door and windows were installed, which already at first sight distinguishes the house from the surroundings. Combined with the orange bricks of the elevation the house surely attracts attention. The building façade, made of burned bricks, gives the house a unique character. Thanks to the application of various shades of orange color the house exudes pleasant energy, and the contrast with dark green color optically imparts character. The applied colors can be also found in the garden and in the plot in front of the building. The step path surrounded by grey and sandy chippings goes very well with the entire space and the building itself. Green bushes and small trees complement the aesthetics, creating a pleasant aura.

When living in the suburbs or new buildings it is important to focus not only on the building design but also on safety. Burglary risk in such locations is relatively high, therefore, the installation of high-quality windows and doors, also in anti-burglary version, is extremely important. “The profile is particularly important in this case, one that should be in A-class, made exclusively of prime material, equipped with a big chamber of steel reinforcement. The woodwork durability is additionally enhanced by the optimum profile structure. Iglo Energy portfolio includes both window and door systems. The products are always made of prime material, 100% non-recycled, they stand out for the optimum profile structure and are equipped with modern Maco Multi Matic KS fittings, which ensures high safety level.” – explains Bogdan Gierszewski, production director at DRUTEX S.A.

Additionally, the products may be fully customized depending on Clients’ preferences and needs. For instance, there is a possibility to apply safe, anti-burglary glass and to make burglar-proof windows in RC N and RC 2 N class. On client’s request, we offer the choice of woodwork color, and even the possibility to select a different color of the internal and external foil from the wide range of 33 colors.  

Individual appearance and characteristic design – a combination of classic and modern style gives the building a special charm.

The wide color range available from Drutex company in various combinations allows to satisfy individual clients’ needs in that regard.

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