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Gloomy and grey – that was the past

Housing estates are gaining popularity

A safe room for the child must be furnished wisely!

Media continuously publish information regarding child accidents at home. Unfortunately, disturbing statistics show that very often what we lack is enough imagination in arranging safe rooms for our offspring.

Winter garden- a green oasis of peace

Winter gardens win nowadays great popularity. Already during the warm summer months, private investors think about the forthcoming autumn-winter period and plan their intimate, safe “zone”.

Oasis of peace and quiet over the rooftops – the renaissance of balconies and roof terraces

Although in the last few years the idea to live in the countryside really took off, nowadays it is the city that attracts again young people and whole families.

Boldness in colors – introducing accents in your own four walls.

Nowadays, especially in the suburbs and in new buildings, taking off is the trend to standardize houses when it comes to their shapes or general form.

How to cope with steamy windows?

Steamy windows are a common problem.

Autumn is coming, it’s the highest time for regulation and maintenance of windows!

Summer is already behind us. Days are getting shorter and colder. We start to dress up warmer, replace clothes in the closet into those for autumn and winter, buy umbrellas, and soon we will surely also begin to change tires for winter season.

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DRUTEX the Leader of the Woodwork Market in Poland!

DRUTEX for the fifth consecutive time won the ranking that awards leaders of the window and door woodwork market in Poland.


DRUTEX presents its offer at the SAIE exhibition in Bologna!

DRUTEX once again in participating in the SAIE International Construction Trade Fair in Bologna that takes place between 19 and 22 October.


Two years of the European Woodwork Center!

The biggest investment in DRUTEX history celebrates its second anniversary!


DRUTEX S.A. the Ambassador of the Polish Economy!

DRUTEX has won the 8th edition of the Ambassador of the Polish Economy title in the ‘Global Company’ category.


Automatic MACO espagnolette as a standard in DRUTEX PVC door accessory!

At the beginning of September DRUTEX has expanded its offer of PVC doors with the modern, fully automatic MACO espagnolette. So far it was available as a standard only with Iglo Energy system.

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