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newsletter 2013-10-01
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Experts admit that 1H2013 has been the most difficult period for our industry since10 years. However, in case of DRUTEX the situation is totally opposite. We’ve summed-up the first eight months of 2013 with great sales results. In spite of the slowdown on European woodwork market the demand for DRUTEX’ products  has increased.  In total our sales volume has grown by 11% compared to the same period last year and amounts for  292 million pln.

At the beginning of 2013 we’ve also invested in the production potential of our company.  We’ve started the construction of  the European Centre of Windows and Doors, which will enable us to  enlarge our  distribution network, double the production capacity and improve the offer.

It really makes an impression to say that we will be producing 10.000 windows per day. However, it’s even more  surprising that we are sure to be able to sell all these products. We are very optimistic in terms of our further development. Current interest and growing demand for our products in Poland and abroad confirms that our strategy is totally in line with the market, business environment and customer’s need. We are therefore proud to grow dynamically and strengthen our leading position.


Leszek Gierszewski

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