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Personal policy

DRUTEX' human resources  policy  relies on most important rule, i.e.  people are the most important and valuable asset of the company. Intelligent and engaged employees are the basis of the company's further expansion worldwide. The level of  employees' knowledge, their education, motivation and involvement are the key of the success.

The main objective of DRUTEX S.A. is to employ people who are higly ambitious and who believe that contributing to the company's success is a determinant of thier self-realization.

DRUTEX S.A. supports the personal policy in the company also by encouraging all employees to continue their education, improve their skills and professional qualifications.

DRUTEX S.A. is a company, in which creative, full of energy and committed people cooperate in order to reach ambitiuos aims and  guarantee the highest standars of work on daily basis.