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DRUTEX is a modern company which implements up-to-date technological solutions in its production process.

Impressive technical capabilities supported by expertise knowledge and experience of  the highly skilled employees make it possible to execute even the most difficult and sophisticated orders for the PVC, wood and aluminium woodwork. The standards of Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 granted by TÜV Management Service GmbH from Munich help the company to achieve this success.

Currently the production is developed on several modern technological lines, which are additionally equipped with the newest machines of reputable foreign companies: Austrian LISEC, Italian BOTTERO and German: RAPID-URBAN, HAFFNER and WEINIG.The reliability of the products is also guaranteed by high quality components, i.e. fittings and composite glass. The company offers the possibility to order different types of glass  depending on the customers'  preferences. DRUTEX is the one of only a few companies that produces its own composite glass and therefore is able to control the producion process at every production stage. The glass type can vary. It can be anything from single one-chamber composite glass to single double-chamber composite glass.   Depending on the construction and capabilities, DRUTEX offers glasses which thermal permeability is U=1.0 according to the norm E-674. The company offers also fittings made of polycarbonate and PVC.

In 2012 DRUTEX introduced new generation of glass packages eguipped with low-emissions glass layers with thermal insulation coefficient Ug=0,3 W/(m²K). The new glass sets the standards in terms of energy-efficiency, guarantees comfort and more daylight.

New coating PLANITHERM ULTRA N is one of  the latest generation of low-emission coatings, intended for one-, two-and three-chamber glazing on the energy balance of the best I've ever been achieved.

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