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  • FOOTBALL – The company has been the sponsor of DRUTEX-BYTOVIA Bytów football club since 2003. At the time, the club has been promoted from V to I league (the doorstep to first League). Today the team is coached by  Tomasz Kafarski.


  • PLEBISCITE FOR THE BEST SPORTS PEOPLE – Financial support for Plebiscites for the best sports people and coaches in the town and the municipality of  Bytów organized by the local government and the Town Center of Sports and Recreation in Bytów.


  • MARTIAL ARTS – support for HUSARIA DRUTEX martial arts club and World Champion in K1 and Europe Champion in muay thai- Paweł Michalak.


  • FART 2005 FISHING COMPETITION – financial support for the 9th edition of „FART 2005” a spinning fishing tournament  organized by Fishing Association of Bytów District.



  • KARATE  - Financial support for Karate Club in Bytów.


  • FOOTBALL - Financial support  for ‘Mini-Champions League’ organized for 36 schools by primary school no. 2 in Bytów.


  • ATHLETICS - Financial support  for Independence Run in Borzytuchom.


  • BOXING – support for the  Dariusz Michalczewski Foundation ‘Equal Opportunities’ by providing five annual grants for players.


  • KARATE – Support for karate clubs from Tuchom and Biały Bór in Zakopane.


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