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Foundations and associations

  • „AMAZON” – financial support for ‘Amazon’ the Słupsk Association
  • "EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES " – Support for ‘Equal Chances’ the Dariusz Michalczewski Foundation by i.a. founding annual grants for players, organizing the Equal Opportunities  Santa Claus Tournament, organizing charity actions and events, e.g. for those in need and disabled children and teenagers.   
  • "YOU ARE NOT ALONE" -  Sponsorship of a charity match Politicians vs TVN Stars organized by TVN Foundation ‘You Are Not Alone’  – in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.


  • "KIWANIS" – Regular support for Kiwanis foundation regarding  events, trips for disabled children and teenagers, charity and social actions, buying rehabilitation equipment etc. 


  • "WE ARE" -  Buying rehabilitation equipment  for beneficiaries of ‘We Are’ association.


  • "DIFFERENTLY CAPABLE" – Support for the ‘Differently Capable’ Foundation at the Assisted Living in Kościerzyna.   


  • "NAZARETH" – Regular support for ‘Nazareth’ association in Bytów regarding i.a. help for those in need including disabled children and teenagers, organizing annual run pilgrimage to Jasna Góra, bike pilgrimage, motorcycle picnics, holiday for children from poor families etc.  


  • "BYTOW WATRA" – annual support for ‘Bytów Watra’ organized by Association of People of Ukrainian Origin in Bytów.
  • "VFB" – regular support for Voluntary Fire Brigades regarding donations and material asistance.




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