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  • GOOD MATCH– Santa Claus Overtime – sponsorship of a charity event for children with chronic diseases.
  • X CHILDEN FANCY-DRESS BALL WITH KIWANS - sponsorship of a charity event organized by Kiwanis Foundation.
  • FLEA MARKET IN SŁUPSK – Annual sponsorship of a charity event organized by Kiwanis.
  • GOOD MATCH – Co-organization and sponsorship of a charity match the POLICE vs.  DRUTEX-BYTOVIA.
  • FOCUS ON FAMILY – Sponsorship of a ‘FOCUS ON FAMILY’ festival in Bytów.  
  • THE GOCC GDAŃSK - Annual support for the Finals of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in the region.
    • NIEMEN NON STOP – Financial support for „NIEMEN NON STOP” a young talent festival.
    • THE GREAT TVN MATCH – Sponsorship of charity matches organized by ‘You Are Not Alone’ the TVN foundation.
    • FILIPIADA – Regular support for FILIPIADA organized by „Nazareth” association.
    • MOTORCYCLE PICNIC IN BYTÓW – Annual sponsorship for Motorcycle Picnics in Bytów.
    • EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES - DARIUSZ MICHALCZEWSKI – funding events i.a. for Santa Claus and Children’s Day organized by ‘Equal Opportunities’ Foundation by Dariusz Michalczewski for children with cystic fibrosis.




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